iPhone have more colors ??

Apple is bogus people...just let it go. Same os, same ui, same bullshit just with different colors and a bigger screen. Not to mention, a few borrowed goodies from Android. (Take a look at iOS7, I mean Ice Cream Sandwich)

I have a note 2 a and can use it in one hand and a nexus 4 the same. Dont understand this small screen mentality?? fun to read android fanboys comments. Its like they are trying so hard to piss apple users. You know if someone is insecure when they try so hard to piss you off but it doesnt make sense. Just saying. when you are trying so hard to play catch up with your opposition, n updating your OS from iOS to Jelly Bean, and YET, try to sound as if 'can't innovate anymore my ass' , it starts to sound funny.

And all it, just to try to best a company whose primary focus was, is, and always will be Search. The Cool Gadgets company for which Android is just a side project. And for which, there are bigger things to worry about. Like Cars, Glasses, 

Apple SAID that they didn't ever want to change the size of their iPhones. You can't deny it, it's a fact. Now, they seem to want to make even bigger than cumfortable phones.

About "stories that have nothing to do with Android", I bet you talk about iOS 7 ? Seriously, look at all those pictures comparing "revolutionaries" features of iOS 7 and Android Jelly Bean. Once again, even a baby could say it is not a revolution.

So, iOS fags, just look at the facts as they ARE, not as you would like them to be. those guys are wrong about android trolling then you talk about ios fags... Seriously dude less hate. It's like the old pc/mac wars. I think you don't want to discuss anything cuz you HAVE nothing to say. Given iOS fags was a bit too much, all iOS users are 'not discussing' things since maybe late 2010. Before that they used to say, it just works. And oh that, that's a rip off

I can understand you have little knowledge about Android cuz all you have used is Apple. See, we know what's your problem. We understand it too. You don't even know about NFC, wireless charging, waterproof/dust resistant electronics, widgets, air gestures and a myriad of other things that are out there. But hey, now you know what a Notification centre is. Good for you! See we like to see you happy.
That's why we, a billion users are beta testing all that is wild and fancy and fun and erratic and crazy stuff on Android, so that Apple can make ppl like you happy somewhere down the line. Since you sort of apologized about the "iOS fags" remark, I recently owned (and enjoyed) a Nexus 4, 7, and 10. I used NFC and Google Wallet or you can view more colors cases for tablet or phones the links ?? .

Quite ironically, I'm going to wager you've not had experience with iOS 7, yet you seem to think you're qualified to discuss it...

And discussion would be fantastic. Not in this comment thread, because it has nothing to do with Android, but fanboy flamefests are really pointless and a waste of this wonderful, tech-filled world we live in.You're just saying that to sound relevant. 
That said, if you're clearly as technologically adroit as you say you are, and you've used those Nexus devices, I don't think I need to show your anything. Cuz you already might be enjoying that.I wasn't talking about you when I talked about iOS fags, but more generally about all these guys saying that 

Apple make a lot of innovations and can't just accept the fact that they are mostly inspired of Android.
And actually I wasn't trying to troll the iPhone, they don't need it, they have done enough things we can just show as facts without trolling it. For me, trolling the iPhone would look more like "Oh look they are so small and it's so shity" without any other argument. don't understand the point. This is a story about rumored future iPhones, and has nothing to do with Android. How is it not trolling to just hop in an start insulting people (so, you didn't mean me personally, so it's not trolling?)?

And to call iOS "mostly inspired of Android" is exceptionally strange, but also a pointless discussion that just ends up wasting everyone's time. You see a "roboto-like font" (the font that roboto itself is a clone of!), and a more refined look, and think "Android!" Or are you thinking of the Control Center? The feature that was on iOS via SBSettings longbefore it was on Android? The same thing was true of Notification Center when it arrived on iOS before.

And now you've got me engaging in the pointless... I honestly think you'd read this and think, "huh, yeah, these things actually wereon iOS first, so it's not a big deal either way!", but I can reasonably assume you'll dismiss it because it was on jailbreak, as though that somehow means it wasn't first..That's the whole point.

You see, why this post IS about Apple taking a leaf out of others' books, is cuz there were sooo many things your beloved Jobs said Apple won't do
3.5 inches. Perfect size. 336 PPI. Perfect display. And what not. You see, Apple has not been in the game at all for some time now.
Jailbreak? You say, how many really do do that. Notification center. Misinformation you have . And BTW, good luck with your iOS 8 and what not, playing catching up with Android, on that. 

Yes now I think You are trolling( you clearly have a misguided misconception of what it means). I don't even think you use a Nexus. Or you wouldn't be playing fanboy in a post , first few comments of which clearly set the tone.
Last but not the least, just a few years ago, I'm an android user and I dont have anything against android and apple. I'm just tired reading about android users complaining about iPhones. 

WHATS THE POINT?? Common, the update is not for you, its for iPhone. Why bother to complain? Is this a way to let them know that you are using android and its better than their iPhone? Well the truth is, they don't care! Because they love the iPhone. I am very disappointed with the android users. Just use it and shut up! Sorry for the bad english, I'm an asian. the point is that Apple has always accused other companies of stealing and suing them.

Typically in the past, Apple has worked with a company to create a product or a accessories for apple, and then sued them to get ask the credit and money from the product they sold. Apple has gone “thermonuclear" for something like a phone (this phone coincidentally was gaining more popularity than the iPhone) with rounded corners, even though nearly every smartphone has that, and now with iOS7, 

Apple has completely changed their design on iOS and made it look just like Android, giving out Android features that they have always said were stolen. Not a thing has been innovated or reinvented, but they always go ahead and claim it too be so, by hiding behind powerful words, talking alot without saying a single thing. iPhone users are uninformed consumers and don't understand a thing about phones. Once people realize they've been duped then they might switch to a phone with actual features and costs them a lot less. I don't think android would look the way it is now if not for the iPhone. 

Seriously, its obvious! And almost all the people I know bought an android because "hey, this samsung galaxy y looks like an iPhone 3gs but much cheaper." So my point is, android is copying in the first place. I'm not against android, in fact I like it. its the users I cant stand. iPhone are long overdue and if they release these.

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Quad-core performance Nexus 7 was built by ASUS and comes with a NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core processor, meaning everything is faster – pages load quickly, gameplay is smooth and responsive, and running multiple apps is a breeze. A 12‐core GPU delivers rich and immersive graphics while patented 4-PLUS-1(tm) CPU design gives you processing power when you need it, and battery saving efficiency when you don’t.Nexus 7 was made for Google Play, so all the entertainment you love is right in your hand: the world's largest collection of eBooks, millions of songs, thousands of movies and TV shows, and a growing selection of magazines – plus over 600,000 apps and games.
- Top 2, Kindle Fire 2 
Next-generation Kindle Fire tablet will be released on August 7. The China Times states that components for the device have begun shipping to Quanta, the world’s largest manufacturer of notebook computers. The newspaper is reporting that the next Kindle Fire will have a metal frame, and an updated, higher resolution display from LG. the second generation Kindle Fire will be with a camera as well as a volume control button. Many users have pointed out before that it is rather inconvenient for them to control the volume via the virtual button only. Still, many things remain unclear: whether Kindle Fire 2 will support Bluetooth connection, what processor it will employ and whether Amazon still insists in providing 8GB storage space only. There is also rumor that Amazon will provide Kindle Fire 2 with subsidy through Special Offers. 

- Top 3,Apple mini iPad 
A smaller tablet computer in the coming months in a bid to maintain its edge in an increasingly crowded market, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

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Wholesale Ainol Novo 7 Advanced ii Android 4.03 Tablet PC is designed with a capacitive touch screen, with the screen resolution of 800 x480, which is bright with rich colors; like most tablets, it automatically reorients itself when rotated. It responds to subtle finger movements and interprets two-finger gestures, like spreading your thumb and forefinger to zoom in.

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The top side has 3 physical keys, the Menu, the Back and the Power key. The side has the Volume jack keys, the reset key, the Mini USB slot, Mic and the MicroSD card slot.
The Ainol Novo 7 Paladin output of 1080P HD video, and the test shows some great display. The processor speed and the graphics display sync well, no lag but this could be due to the early review without much usage. The battery provided with the novo 7 Paladin is 3200 mAh and we got a usage of 8 hours while playing the games, playing music and browsing through the gallery, browsing the web all of which took 50% of the battery. 4000 mAh doesn’t seem less for a tablet device, and as said, the novo 7 paladin is optimized well and we have the 47% battery still left after the standby of almost 24 hours, i.e. the battery used was just 3% for the standby for an entire day. 

Gravity Sensor: Integrated Gravity Sensor for Gaming and Screen Rotation
Battery: 4000mAH / 7.4V (5-6 Hours of use on full charge)
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